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Using mediation helped our family come out of a bad situation better communicators and with the knowledge that our family unit continues after the divorce is finalized.

Jonathon D.,
Anchorage, Alaska

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Peer Groups for Children

Our Family Forum’s group model provides children an opportunity to share feelings, concerns, and coping skills with other children experiencing the same feelings.

It’s very powerful for the kids to hear, and see, that they are not the only ones facing divorce in their families. Many children internalize and believe the divorce is their fault and that they are the only ones going through this.

Through our Family Forum classes, children will:

For many children, just seeing and hearing that others are going through the same process, and experiencing the same feelings can be very powerful and therapeutic.

Classes are modeled after Dr. Hammond’s Group Counseling for “Children of Divorce” and the center for Divorce Education’s “Children in the Middle”, and “After the Storm”.