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Bettsie helped us realize how we could help our children through the painful process of divorce.

Margaret N.,
Anchorage, Alaska

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Useful Links

The more you know about your options, the better you can plan for your future. Here are some links that may assist you. No endorsement in intended or implied by the listing of these links. You will be leaving the Creative Solutions for Families web site by clicking these links.

Help from the Alaska Court System

Alaska Child Support Calculations and FAQs

Alaska Child Support Calculator

Alaska Child Support Forms

Internal Revenue Publications

Publication 504 - Divorced or Separated Individuals, 2007 Returns

Publication 971 - Innocent Spouse Relief, tax liability

Publication 555 - Community Property

Publication 544 - Sales and Other Disposition of Assets, 2007 Returns

Publication 501 - Exemptions, Standard Deduction & Filing Info, 2007 Returns

Some Useful Calculators

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Rent vs. Buy Calculations

Number of Days between Dates

Alaska Parenting Organizations

Parent Zone - Anchorage Activities

Anchorage Self Help Groups

Anchorage Parenting Classes

ASD Online - Links to Many Resources

Alaska Youth & Family Network

For Those with Special Needs Children

Stone Soup Group for families with children with special needs

Parent Autism Group

Cerebral Palsy Resources

Gransplace - Alaska Disability Information

FAS - Alaska

Alaska Down Syndrome

Divorce and Parenting Information