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You will always be parents

Creative Solutions specializes in divorces involving children. My goal is to help you resolve your differences so that you can move on with your lives in a positive way – while always remembering the kids and finding an outcome everyone can live with.

In many divorces, the children are often forgotten or over shadowed by the negative feelings brought about by the divorce process. Parents are often consumed with the negatives of an ending relationship and forget they are still parents.

You will always be parents – and your children will always need both of you.

Creative Solutions for Families helps parents end a marriage without ending the family unit. We help you develop parenting plans and custody arrangements that work for everyone.

What makes Creative Solutions for Families different from other mediators?

Creative Solutions for Families offers mediation packages that include follow-up services for your family for up to one year. Our service will assist you through your first year and help your family adjust to the new schedule. We also help deal with such matters as sharing the first school breaks, Thanksgiving weekend and other various holiday weekends or summer vacations. We also give guidance with the children's visitation schedules and transfers.

Often little disagreements or misunderstandings can prevent healthy communication and families can end up back in court. Besides financial stress, the disputes typically cause undue hardship and stress on the children. It takes a realistic adjustment period for everyone to get used to the new schedules. Creative Solutions can help you plan ahead to avoid these problems.

We offer discounts for military personnel.

If you are interested to learn more about these services, please contact Bettsie at .